New Jersey Patio & Sliding Doors

Patio door replacementOur professional sliding door replacement contractors can install New Jersey patio and sliding doors to give your home elegance like never before. One of the advantages to these type of doors is that they open so easily.

There isn't any pulling on a door knob with sliding doors, so you will not have to deal with bowed wood that expands during times of high humidity. Sliding doors eliminate all of this inconvenience. In addition, New Jersey patio doors add to the value of your Somerset County home, should you ever want to sell it. Because these doors slide, it means that they aren't hinged, and as such they do not fold into the living space. You aren't going to slam up the furniture in the room, or knock over a vase sitting on the coffee table, behind the door.

Hardware for your New Jersey Patio Door

  • Standard with Brass PVD Weather Resistant Hardware
  • Hardware also available in Chrome
  • Turn Knob Cylinder available in key random and key alike.

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