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10 Reasons You Should Get Replacement Windows or Doors for Your Basking Ridge, NJ Home Now

You have been thinking about replacement windows or doors for your Basking Ridge home in New Jersey for quite a while now. It might actually be several years that you have known your windows are in poor condition.

During the winter months, you may walk by a few of those windows and feel an intense draft sifting through either the glass or around the frame. When you feel that, you know full well that it represents money that is being sucked right out of the windows and into the cold air outside. However, you might not think that you could afford to replace those windows or even the entry doors in your home. So you continue to spend too much money on your home heating expenses as well as your cooling costs during the summer.

Below are 10 reasons why now is the right time to consider replacement windows and doors for your Basking Ridge home.

1. Improved energy efficiency during the summer and winter months.

With brand-new, energy-efficient windows and doors, you could end up saving a significant amount of money on your heating expenses during the winter. When you consider that there are essentially five solid months out of the year in which you have to run your furnace, that can add up very quickly.

Even if you were to save just $20 a month with new energy efficient windows, that would be at least $100 a year. Multiplied over 15 to 20 years, that could be up to $2,000 of savings over that period of time. That doesn’t even take into account the rising cost of fuel that is used to heat your home.

2. Energy savings happen all year round.

We did mention the winter months in which you can save thanks to energy efficient windows, but with low-E window coatings, you could actually save money in the summer as well. A window film will help to block out a significant portion of the sun’s UV rays. It is those rays that cause your home to heat up as well as your furniture and carpeting to fade.

3. Improving the appearance of your home.

When you replace the windows and doors in your house, you will also be improving the curb appeal of your home. The curb appeal is what your house looks like from the road, driveway or the curb if there is a sidewalk out front. It will also improve the appearance of your home from inside. That is, really, what is most important.

When you have old, dirty, drab windows that might be stained, corroded, or repainted far too many times, then you might have a tendency to try to keep the window coverings closed over them. You do this so that you don’t have to be reminded of the condition of those windows on a regular basis.

With brand new windows installed in your home, you will likely want to throw open those window coverings more often and expose them to the rest of the home.

4. You may qualify for a $1,500 tax credit.

The federal government is currently offering a $1,500 tax credit to certain qualified homeowners that replace their existing windows and doors with energy-efficient ones. You would need to check whether or not you qualify for this tax credit. When you choose the right contractor, he or she should be able to help you determine whether you can take advantage of this incredible offer.

5. The scorching summers will return.

Just because this past summer wasn’t all that hot, in fact it was one of the cooler summers we have had in recent memory, that doesn’t mean that the heat and humidity won’t return next summer. When it does, you will be running your air conditioning system more frequently. This will cost more money.

With replacement windows and doors that are energy-efficient, you can cut back on a significant amount of the money that you spend just cooling your home.

6. Increasing your home’s value.

Replacement windows and doors are one of the three aspects of home improvement projects that can actually increase the value of your home. Renovating the kitchen and bathroom is one of them. Improving the outdoor living space and curb appeal is another.

When prospective homebuyers are searching for a new house, they will often look at the condition of the windows as well as the doors. When they determine that these have been replaced with high quality windows and doors, they will be more inspired to make a better offer because they won’t have to deal with this home improvement project when they move in.

7. It helps the environment.

When you replace the windows and doors in your home, and you focus on energy efficiency, you will be helping the environment. The less energy that is required to heat or cool your home, the less of a burden you will be placing a natural resources. This will also reduce the amount of emissions that are created at the power plant or in your home just to keep your house warm in the winter or cool in the summer.

8. Increased home security.

With newer windows and doors, you can actually improve your home’s security. With better latches, stronger locks, and even stronger windows, you can improve your home safety and security. This can offer you peace of mind and it may even help you save some money on your homeowner’s insurance expenses.

9. Less maintenance will be required.

With older windows, you may find it more difficult to keep them clean. As a result, you may neglect them more than you should. With brand new windows, you will be more inclined to keep them looking in tiptop shape as long as possible.

10. More functions.

Newer windows will tend to have more functionality. You may even be able to clean most of the windows that you purchase from inside your home, which will increase the likelihood that you will actually keep them clean and that will have a direct impact on the condition and comfort of your home.

If you need more reasons why now is the right time for replacement windows and doors for your Basking Ridge home, contact Markey Home remodeling.

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