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6 Characteristics of a Quality Replacement Windows and Doors Contractor Serving Flemington, New Jersey

When you are considering replacement windows and doors for your Flemington, New Jersey home, it is important to choose the right contractor. The entire process should begin by focusing on a quality window and door contractor rather than any manufacturer or type of window that you are considering purchasing.

What is a window and door contractor?

A contractor is an individual who can either sell, install (or both) a particular product. When it comes to any home improvement project, choosing the right contractor will be the difference between having an exceptional job well done with the optimal quality products and wishing that you had looked for a better contractor later on.

In order to make this process as productive and enjoyable as possible, make sure that you begin from the very start by focusing on the right contractor.

What makes a replacement window and door contractor better than another?

We have included six characteristics that you should look for in any home improvement contractor. These characteristics, or traits, will also apply to any type of home improvement project that you take on in the future.

1. Experience. Throughout Flemington, New Jersey, there are literally hundreds of potential home improvement contractors, and many of them will be advertising their skills and experience with regard to replacement windows and doors. That is because these individuals know that there are many homeowners throughout the area who are searching for replacement windows and doors at this very moment.

However, the windows and doors in your home are so important that you shouldn’t leave things to chance. In fact, 40 percent of your home’s heat in the winter and cool air in the summer is lost through the windows and doors. Cutting corners, skipping steps, or not installing them properly can result in you spending far too much money to heat your home in the winter or cool it during summer.

Focus on contractors who have documentable experience specifically with windows and doors. A general home improvement contractor may not install windows and doors, but with a tough economy and housing market, he or she may have included this as an area of their expertise.

Ask for specific examples of projects they’ve worked on recently with regard to replacement windows and doors.

2. Integrity. You want to find a home improvement contractor who has integrity. This means that the individual will be more concerned with quality rather than making as much money as possible.

It can be difficult to find out the integrity of a contractor if you don’t know where to look. For example, many home improvement contractors throughout Flemington may be listed with the Better Business Bureau or on Angie’s List. Check out the reviews that other customers have posted about them. Keep in mind that not everyone who is satisfied with the work that was done is going to post a review, but people who are disgruntled or who feel as though they’ve been cheated will certainly take to various sites to express their dissatisfaction.

Reading many reviews should give you a relatively consistent impression of the contractor.

3. Patience. The home improvement contractor who does not have a lot of patience will be trying to sell you products before you are ready. They will try to cut you off or avoid answering certain questions because they don’t believe they are pertinent.

If a question arises for you, then it should be important to the contractor to answer. If you find the contractor is talking about closing the deal or taking advantage of a specific sale that expires soon, it is time to move on. Make sure that the contractor takes the time to discuss all of the available options to you and not pressure you into making decision as soon as possible.

4. Savings. You can certainly save a lot of money by heading down to your super home improvement megastore. However, the replacement windows and doors that they carry tend to be very low quality.

That doesn’t mean that your small to midsized replacement window and door contractor won’t be able to save you money. They will generally carry much better products of higher quality, and they will cost more, on average. However, most contractors will be able to save you as much money as possible.

5. Support. When you choose the right contractor, they should offer you a lot of support. Whether you have questions before you make a decision on which replacement windows to choose for various rooms in your home, or you have concerns about the installation process after your major purchase, or you have questions about certain functions or issues that arise with your windows long after they’ve been installed, you should expect the contractor to be responsive to your needs.

The best way to determine whether the contractor is going to be responsive is to check out reviews online as mentioned previously. You can also request some references from previous customers. Previous customers who are thrilled about their experience with this specific contractor will be more than likely willing to talk to you about their experience. You can find out about the level support the contractor offered before, during, and after the sale.

6. Licensed, insured, and bonded. This is one of the most important aspects when it comes to a home improvement contractor. You want to make sure that the contractor not only has a license to install windows and doors, but that the license is current. Far too many contractors allow their licenses to lapse, even though they continue to advertise their license number.

You can check with the State of New Jersey and determine whether a license is legitimate, whether it is current, and whether the contractor who has given you that license number actually owns it. Some individuals will use license numbers from other contractors and pass them off as their own.

You should also make sure that the contractor is insured and bonded. While experienced contractors rarely have issues that cause injuries or damage, accidents do happen. Being insured and bonded means that you will be protected in the event of any mishap.

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