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Five Key Questions to Ask before Purchasing Replacement Windows or Doors for Your Middlesex, New Jersey Home

Before you actually purchase replacement windows or doors for your Middlesex, New Jersey home, there are a few key questions that you should ask. When you ask yourself these questions, it can help you determine what type of window, what type of budget, and other information that can be crucial and help you make the right decision for your home, your family, and your budget.

The majority of homeowners in Middlesex unfortunately don’t ask these questions before they begin shopping around for replacement windows or doors. Then they end up with products that they might not be happy with in a few months.

It is far too easy to choose windows that are inexpensive and look fine on the shelf of a major home improvement outlet, but within a few months when you begin to use these windows and you are used to them, you begin to notice how cheaply made they are and all the flaws that they have with them.

The best advice is to consider the following five questions before you make any solid decisions about replacement windows or doors for your home.

1. How much should you expect to pay for every single window in your home?

The average cost of replacement window right now is between $200 and $1,400. The reason why it is such a wide range is because that includes double hung windows all the way through highly energy efficient picture and bow windows.

You will also notice that there is a significant cost differential when it comes to energy efficiency. For example, a double glazed window that is pressure sealed, but not sealed with argon or krypton gas, will be significantly less expensive than a triple glazed window that is sealed with krypton gas. However, the triple glazed window that is sealed with krypton or argon gas is going to save you a significant amount of money on your utility bills every month.

The average home has 14 windows in it. So go around to each room where you are planning to replace the windows and determine how much you should expect to pay, or how much you can comfortably budget for each of them.

2. What are the conditions of the frames in your home?

Window frames are the backbone of replacement windows. If you notice that it there is rot or other structural issues on some of your windows, this is going to require more work on the part of the installer. This is also going to increase the price of window replacement, at least for those specific windows.

If you begin shopping around for replacement windows and don’t know that the window frames are compromised, you could be in for a bit of a surprise when it comes time to installing them. Have a clear picture on the condition of the window frames and assuming they are all in great shape, then you can focus all of your budget on getting the ideal windows for each room in your home.

However, if there are some issues, then you will need to calculate that into your overall replacement window or door budget.

3. How much money can you save with highly energy efficient windows?

Triple glazed windows that are sealed with krypton gas can save up to 80 percent more energy than single glazed windows. Most home improvement contractors will advise against triple glazed windows simply because of the significant weight of them. However, living in New Jersey means that we have to deal with some harsh and cold winter conditions. We also have to contend with hot and humid summers as well. This means that you are going to be spending a significant amount of money on heating and cooling your home throughout the year.

The more you invest in energy efficiency now, the more you will save over the lifetime of your replacement windows or entry doors.

4. Are you satisfied with the style and size of your current windows?

If you are tired of having two or three double hung windows side-by-side in the dining room, you could consider installing a picture window with double hung on the sides. You could also consider different options and styles of windows that will suit not only the view you have outside, but also your interior decor.

When you are planning to replace the windows in your home, this is the optimal opportunity to completely transform any room in your house. Take advantage of it if you can.

5. Are you expecting to sell your house in the next few years?

If you are looking at replacement windows and entry doors because you are planning on selling your home the next few years, you may be thinking that choosing cheap replacement windows is the best way to go. However, even the cheapest windows on the market are still going to cost you several thousand dollars to replace all of them in your home. For not a significant amount more, you could actually get high quality windows in the styles that you want and that will actually improve or increase the value of your house.

Replacing windows and doors is one of the few home improvement projects you can take on that will actually increase the value of your home. You won’t get that by installing a pool or adding fencing around your yard or changing the carpeting in every room.

If the prospect of selling your home and moving is on the horizon, take advantage of this opportunity to choose the ideal windows that would appeal to the vast majority of prospective homebuyers. That will not only increase the likelihood that you will get quality offers, but that you will get more offers which can help you get more money for your house when it comes time to sell.

If you need more information about replacement windows or doors, contact Markey Home Remodeling today.

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