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5 Tips to Help You Save Money on Replacement Windows or Doors for Your Somerset, New Jersey Home

There are a number of ways that you can save money on just about any home improvement project. Living in Somerset, New Jersey, you are not willing to throw money away. It doesn’t mean you’re frugal.

When it comes to replacement windows and doors for your home, there are several ways that you can save money, some of which could end up costing you more money in the long run while you are saving money in the short term.

Some ways a save money will be reasonable while others could actually cost you more in the long run, so be careful about what you do in order to try and save as much money as possible on this home improvement project.

Consider replacement windows and doors as an investment in your home.

Before you set out to purchase any replacement window or door, you need to stop and realize that this is a significant investment in your home. As with any investment, if you are seeking to save as much money as possible, then don’t expect the return on that investment to be significant. In fact, if you end up choosing cheap quality replacement windows or entry doors, it might not have any impact on the value of your home or of your comfort level inside the home.

Your house is likely the most significant investment that you are ever going to make in your life. As a result, you should focus on how the home improvement project can actually increase its value before you go out and shop around.

If you have done any type of home improvement project already, consider what went into your decision regarding materials, the contractor, and any other aspect about it. If you shopped around and found the most experienced contractor and didn’t focus on saving as much money as possible first, then you likely understood the value of that home improvement project.

If your goal from the start was to save as much money as possible, then you probably sacrificed some level of quality.

Below are five ways that you can help save money while avoiding sacrificing quality of the windows and getting just what you want for your home. These tips can also help maximize the return on this investment.

1. Shop around.

The best thing anyone can do when it comes to home improvement projects is to shop around for an experienced contractor. There are going to be plenty of home improvement contractors that run ads, post flyers, and even solicit your business by going door-to-door or calling you on the phone.

Not all contractors are the same. In fact, the more you shop around, the more you will begin to realize that the top contractors represent less than 10 percent of all contractors in the area. You will also discover that the top 10 percent won’t charge a significant amount of money more than the rest of the field.

What does that mean?

It means that you can get high quality replacement windows and doors for your Somerset home without spending more than you have to.

2. Be sure that you understand the installation costs.

Some companies like to avoid discussing installation expenses until after you are committed to purchasing the windows or doors. Make sure that you gather this information from the outset. Is the installation cost included in the cost of the window? Is it going to be extra? Do you have to hire your own installer or does the company have installers on staff?

You want to make sure that the installer is certified or experienced in installing the exact manufacturer and type of window you purchased as well.

3. Understand energy efficiency.

Energy efficiency can save you a significant amount of money on your utility bill in the winter and summer months. The more that you understand about energy efficiency and how the right windows can save you money all year round, the more you can save year after year.

For example, since 40 percent of your home’s heat and cool air escapes through the windows and doors, choosing highly energy efficient windows has the potential of saving you $50 a month or more. Multiply that by five months of heating expenses on average, and then multiply that by 20 years (which is the average life expectancy of replacement windows) and you could end up saving more than $5,000 just on energy expenses.

4. Consider replacing windows with the same size and style.

While experienced contractors will advise you to be sure that you know what type of window you want for each room in your home, if you are looking to save money, replacing your existing window with the same size one is one way to save money.

Changing the size of the window means more work to reframe the window. It may also require new siding and other materials to help make it look seamless.

If you are tight on funds and believe that the current windows size and style are fine, then don’t change it.

5. Do-it-yourself.

A lot of homeowners who have some level of experience with home improvement projects will decide to install the windows themselves. This is a serious risk that you’re going to take and it could cost you a significant amount of money in the long run.

Many windows today have features that move water away from the windows and frames in a manner that helps to protect your home and also keep as much warm air in during the winter. If you don’t install them properly, this can cause serious problems within a few short years.

If there is a problem with the installation, you may find that any manufacturer defect could be your responsibility to repair. Many window manufacturers stipulate that in order for them to honor the warranty, they need to be installed by certified installers.

If you are confident that you have the skills to install your windows yourself, then you are free to do so and you may be able to save money. It just depends on how important it is for you to save a few dollars over ensuring that they were installed properly.

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