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Why Double Hung Windows Are Great

While you may be overwhelmed with options for windows, allow us to give you a classic option. When searching in Middlesex County, double hung windows could be the perfect option for you. This is our most popular window as it is a perfect blend of practical and good-looking. If you want to save yourself some of the hassle, read on for a few reasons why double hung windows will work perfectly in your home.

Timeless Classic

Double hung windows have stood the tests of time for over 400 years. They started in the 1600s and since then, their design has hardly changed. We have modified the materials over the years to better insulate your home, but they still appear on countless homes centuries old. Whether your home is an antique or brand new, this style can fit any home. Because of it’s basic design and classic look, it can work for virtually any style of home.

Easy to Maintain

Double hung windows simply glide up and down to open, and lock with a latch. They’re very simple to manage and because of how long they have stuck around, nearly everyone knows how to handle them. They also provide an easy clean by allowing you to pull the window down inside your home. You gain access to both sides of the window without ever having to step outside. This will keep your windows looking clean and fresh all year round, not only those few times a year you break out the ladder. When they’re easier to maintain, they also last longer for your home’s use.

Customizing Options

While the double hung look is a classic, you also have numerous options of colors and styles to choose from. You can select the materials you want, the pane thickness you need, and the color that matches. You can add any extra energy efficient features you desire, even though each of our windows comes with energy efficient materials. You can select all the materials and design features you want in a simple window.

Good Air Ventilation

These windows are designed for the upper window to move down for a quality ventilation system. The design of the open windows allows the hot air to escape out of the upper window, and cool air to enter the lower one. This will help you cool your house in the summer, giving you fresh air and less cooling bills. Not only can you have fresh air, but they also keep the elements outside when needed. You should not have to sacrifice cool air for a drafty window in the winter. Double hung windows provide much more convenience.

Pretty and Practical

These windows are probably the most popular option because they provide both practicality and aesthetic appeal. You don’t need to weigh practicality over design or vice versa. You get both of these qualities to give your home the best windows you need. Who wouldn’t want cheaper, easily maintained, well-functioning, and beautiful looking windows? Most people select them for their well-rounded qualities and features.

Ready to Order?

If you’re ready to choose the perfect Middlesex County double hung windows, then let Markey LLC help you. Family-owned and run since 1981, we offer high quality double hung windows at unbeatable prices. We come highly recommended by our past clients because we value their home as if it were our own. We want to give you the best windows and installation at the best price possible. If you would like to learn more about how and why we come so highly recommended, visit our website or call 908-722-8958.

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