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Middlesex County Patio Doors

Tired of your old, cold, flimsy patio doors? Does it remind you of that painting hanging in the bathroom you hate, but it’s so familiar, you don’t bother getting rid of it? There are many reasons to upgrade your Middlesex County patio doors sooner rather than later. This blog will help you know when you need to move on from those patio doors, and why.

When Is It Time?

Your patio door should easily let you know when it needs replacing. If you feel a draft or leaks, have difficulty opening or closing the door(s), or see moisture and/or dirt build up in between the glass panels, these are all signs that your door needs replacing. Changing your doors may seem like an unnecessary hassle, but the benefits of upgrading your door are enormous. You will save money in the future, and save your future self from further discomfort.

Keep Your Home Warm

Frigid February got you down? Your patio door could be making your home even colder than it needs to be. Old patio sliding doors with their large glass areas and metal frames allow the cold to break into your house, wasting the heat you pay for. Your old sliding doors lack the upgraded technology to use your energy most efficiently. The cold air filters through your doors due to the worn down seals and gaps. The snow and ice comes down and sticks to the glass and metal, and slowly seeps through to your side. Our doors offer some of the lowest amounts of air filtration in the industry, keeping your home air-tight and warm. We offer extra interlocking panels and four point multi-locks to ensure that the cold stays outside.

Keep Your Home Cool

Even though summer is six months away, those patio doors become even more relevant during the season of outdoor barbecues and swimming pools. Not only does the cold come through your old patio doors, so does the heat. The money you pay for air conditioning becomes useless when your glass doors work against you. Get prepared for the warmer months to save on your electric bill and secure your comfort. The features that work so well in the winter will also help you in the summer by keeping your air conditioning running efficiently. You can also include the options of decorative blinds inside the glass to protect from the blazing sun, or open them for beautiful, natural light to fill your home.

Make Your Home Look Good

Over time, your doors wear down and they become outdated. Sometimes you just need a style upgrade. Whether you’re looking for a swinging, or a sliding door, we select the best materials. Almost every door comes in Energy Star glass packages and even exceeds Energy Star standards. The updated technology of our doors will provide you with a secure back entry, complete with your options of locks for the best security to match.

Your new doors will not only be durable, but they will also look amazing. Select your style to match your home among our many colors and designs to make it feel complete. You also have the option to add blinds or grids to give those doors that final touch. You can keep those doors looking fresh and modern for the next 20 year stretch.

Ready to Upgrade?

If you’re ready to replace your Middlesex County patio doors, consider Markey LLC. We have been replacing patio doors to make your home more energy efficient and cozier for over twenty years. We offer many different replacement options to cater to your needs, and various doors to fit your style. Visit our showroom to see our Middlesex County patio door options, or visit our website for more information. We only use the best materials and the best contractors to provide you with great door options without the headache.