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5 Reasons Your Windows Need Replacing

Have you thought about replacing your windows recently? Purchasing Middlesex County replacement windows is not something you would take lightly. Windows should last at least 20 years if you take care of them. This is not a cheap purchase, and you want to make sure the time is right. If you need some tips, read on for a few reasons why your window may need replacing.

Visible Damage

Obviously, the biggest giveaway that your windows need replacing involves any physically visible damage. Some scrapes or worn down weatherstripping is usually fixable, but some damage will be too much. Do not pay the extra money for a whole new window if you can repair it, but make sure that it will not become a hazard. If the glass or frame becomes broken, it can cause unnecessary hazards to you and your family. If the windows tend to stick, feel drafty, or fog up, these can become major problems. Usually, these signs will tell you that your window needs replacing, and soon.

Want to Make Your Home Energy Efficient

Especially during these frigid winters, drafty windows can make your home colder and make your heating bills skyrocket. Your bills could increase anywhere from 10 to 25 percent as a result of faulty windows. Markey LLC prides itself on bringing you windows that work hard to improve the energy efficiency of your home. From the frame to the glass, every part of the window should contribute to keeping the elements out. Replacing your windows will give you more comfort in your home, and will reduce your energy bills.

Making Upgrades

Even if your windows remain functioning, worn looking windows will distract from the aesthetics of your home. Sloppy or worn windows can make the rest of your house look old and broken down. If you’re looking to make upgrades and room renovations, consider updating the windows to match the rest of the house. Whether the screen is tattered or it does not let in enough light, you have the chance to get creative with your new windows. You can choose a design that will create the new look you want for your house. It can also brighten up your home by making it look brighter and bigger. New windows will make you feel more comfortable and provide a prettier home.

Recovering from Extreme Weather

New Jersey homes do not see as many severe storms, but we still get a few hurricanes or extreme blizzards. If your home took a good beating after a large weather event, you may want to examine your windows. Make sure nothing was damaged too badly or worn down. If your home happens to go through multiple large storms throughout the year, you may need to replace them earlier than expected. If your window becomes compromised by a storm, so does your whole home. You not only want to fix a damaged window after an extreme storm, but you also want to purchase stronger windows to withstand those large events for a longer amount of time in the future.

Renovating an Old Home

An antique home will probably need window replacements if you want to make it livable and restore the historic charm of the building. The old windows will start to look gross and will distract from a potentially beautiful home. Consider what windows will compliment the home best and plan carefully to make the home both practical and aesthetically pleasing.

Do you need Middlesex County replacement windows? Consider Markey LLC for all your window replacement needs. We are a family owned business that has provided quality replacement windows since 1981. For more information on our windows and installation options, visit our website or call 908-722-8958 to speak with someone today.

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