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Is the siding on your home beginning to show signs of aging? You may need to make repairs to siding caused by recent storms. Finding a Hunterdon County siding contractor is the first step to take. Hunterdon County siding repair ranges from just a touch up to a total transformation. Damaged siding can result in structural instability. Monitoring the condition of your homes siding is an important part of home care maintenance. Discoloration is one sign of aging. Loose siding tends to weaken adjacent siding. Siding contractors can tell if the siding just needs minor repairs during a quick inspection.

The advantages of new siding

Your siding comes with a life expectancy. Are you buying a home that is painted? Professional paint jobs on an exterior have a life expectancy of ten to fifteen years. Homes with vinyl siding can get twenty to thirty years. Does your realtor know the age of the siding? New homes with original siding are easier to track for age. Home siding differs in quality which can affect the life expectancy. Are you aware of the advantages of new siding?

Twenty years is a long time for companies to improve building materials. Your siding contractor can explain in detail the advantages of newer materials. Is the color on your home exactly what you want? Digital rendering can show you a variety of possibilities for an exterior makeover. Your home can change slightly with a different color trim. You can try to match the roof more closely with a different shade of siding. Exterior designers can change the appearance of your home to match the landscaping. You can even alter the color to blend into the surrounding homes.

Making plans to deal with damaged siding

Damaged siding is going to need attention sooner or later. Professional siding contractors are able to confirm the urgency of your siding repairs. Getting an inspection for damages to your siding is a great idea. Knowing about your sidings overall condition is a big help in making plans to deal with damaged siding. You can determine the cost effectiveness of repairing siding with only a few years of life remaining.

Home owners with written estimates are able to prepare budgets accordingly. You can use the professional contractor’s assessment to plan for a future siding job. Professional siding contractors can also take into account potential cost increases on future projects. Your home budget adjustment is easier to make with this information.

Is it time to call the experts with experience?


Are you still trying to decide if you need help with your home’s siding? Knowing you can trust the contractor makes the decision to make the call easier. The exterior of your home is the first thing visitors will see. Homeowners like to make good impressions. Taking pride in your home is part of the overall experience. You definitely want to protect the investment you call home.

Calling a Hunterdon County siding contractor to repair damaged siding gives you an opportunity for preventive maintenance. Your decision can also provide further insight into the overall condition of your siding. Is it time to call the experts with experience in home siding repair and replacement? Markey LLC has a solid reputation for siding repair in Hunterdon County. Our professionals work hard to make your decision easier. We also specialize in NJ Windows! Give us a call today at (908) 722-8958 to schedule an appointment. You can trust our team to provide all the information you need without any pressure. We look forward to serving you and siding your home.