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Time For Window Repair?

Spring is here, and that means spring cleaning. Those two words can evoke such emotions. You either love it or you hate it. You love it when you’re done and your home looks renewed. What you hate, however, is cleaning your windows, only to realize they aren’t worth the soap and water you washed them with. Maybe it’s time for Middlesex County window repair. Replacement windows such as Middlesex County Okna windows can update the whole look of your home, increase energy efficiency, and add value to your biggest investment, your home. With so many windows to choose from, the only decision now is, which windows are best for you?

Middlesex County Window Repair

New window choices | Middlesex County Window Repair

Bay windows? Bow windows? Confused? You don’t have to be. A bay window usually is constructed in three pieces, while a bow usually has four or five pieces to its construction. Either one will add an elegant focal feature to a room. Either choice will also add some space to the room, as they extend outward. This can leave a beautiful, functional space in a window sill, or even a small, cozy seat. Just add a soft pillow that compliments your décor, and you have a lovely reading nook. So go ahead, and reward yourself with a break after all that spring cleaning.

How’s it hanging? Middlesex County Window Repair

Casement? Double hung? Which to choose? Casement windows are designed to open all the way out. What a way to air out your home after being shut up all winter. Let in a spring breeze and enjoy breathing in some fresh air. Double hung windows are great for spring cleaning, because maintenance on them is a breeze. They are designed to open easily for washing and drying. They are designed to tilt so you can keep them sparkling all year long. They are attractive and easy on the eye as well as the elbows. Still undecided? Ask a professional. One of our helpful window specialists here at Markey LLC can help you decide which new windows are best for your home.

Energy Efficient Windows

Did you know that you lose 25 to 30% of the energy you pay for to heat or cool your home through old, inefficient windows? Replacing old windows with new up to date ones can not only make your home look better, but can make your wallet feel better. Energy efficient windows can make a real difference in your home. Make sure to look for Energy Star efficient windows. These are the best choice for your home. Investing in replacement windows can be decision that benefits you for years to come. Saving money makes you feel better, and saving energy makes the environment feel better, too.

Garden Windows

Don’t forget the kitchen. Every homeowner knows spring cleaning means giving that kitchen a good cleaning, too. While you’re sprucing up the most used room of your home, don’t overlook the window. A beautiful garden window can add a pretty and useful space for flower vases and decorative items. It could be just the focal point your kitchen is missing. Garden windows make the kitchen space more airy and give it a more open feeling. You can enjoy a cooling breeze while you’re standing over a sink full of dishes. Letting in extra sunlight will lift your spirits while you’re doing those dishes and other kitchen chores. Another bonus to a new, airy window, is treating yourself to a new curtain to match your kitchen colors and set off your smart home improvement. Call a Middlesex County Window Repair specialist today to see which replacement windows fit your needs.

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NJ Replacement Windows


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