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Material Options for Your Siding

If your siding is old and dilapidated, it may be time to order Hunterdon County siding repair. But will you choose the same old siding, or get something new? Depending on which material you choose, each has its own unique benefits. You may like the look and energy efficiency of one, but the price and durability of another. Before you choose which siding you need, read on for a brief description on each.


This material is one of the most popular siding options out there, and for good reason too. More and more homeowners are choosing vinyl for its durability, attractiveness, and price. Well-installed vinyl siding is incredibly strong, and most are under warranty for 30 to 40 years. If you live in extreme climates, your vinyl siding could warp, and it will be susceptible to denting during a hail storm or hurricane. The siding is also only water resistant, so a poor installation could leave your home vulnerable. However, it’s also extremely easy to clean, and definitely the cheapest option when it comes to siding. You have a large amount of options when it comes to color and design, but whatever you choose, it’s permanent.


Steel and aluminum is a great option because unlike other materials, it has no opportunities to rot and mold. While it can be susceptible to rusting if improperly installed, it is still a very durable option against fire and lightning. It’s a great look for modern homes and definitely stands out as a siding material. Modern homes also like it as a green product. Cutting the metal produces very little waste material, making it both an eco-friendly and efficient material. It’s a strong choice that will protect, however it is time consuming to install, making it one of the more expensive materials.


When you choose wood, you definitely get the most environmentally friendly material. Being all natural wood, it’s better for the environment and it looks beautifully natural. There are many different types of woods and finishes you could choose from to give your home the perfect look you desire. It’s also has one of the greatest energy efficiency ratings, helping you to save on energy bills in the long run. The cons of this material involve it’s durability. Wood is vulnerable to water, insects, and fire. This siding is fairly inexpensive and easy to replace, but you need to keep it maintained consistently if you want the color and the material to last.


Brick is considered one of the most long lasting materials, as you can still see brick structures standing over a hundred years later. Because it has such great durability, brick is definitely the most expensive material. It takes time and money to install, but the results are beautiful. If you’re looking for a rustic and elegant looking material, brick looks great the rest of its life. No matter how old it gets, it still looks flawless. You can choose whichever color you like, but make sure it’s the one you want because you can’t repaint it. Your home will stand against water, fire, and termites for years and years to come.

Ready to Choose?

If you’re looking for the best siding materials for your Hunterdon County siding repair, Markey LLC has you covered. Since 1981, we have provided quality siding and home repairs for the homes in your community. We work hard to provide you with quality materials and contractors that will provide for your needs. For more information about our services and prices, visit our website or call 800-605-4470 today.