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Cleaning and Maintaining Patio Sliding Doors

Make Sure to Clean . . .

  • The Tracks – The cause of your problematic sliding door is probably the collection of dirt, leaves, and debris in the lower track. To prevent the clogging of the lower track, use the small brush attachment on your vacuum to remove the dirt. After the lower track is clean, apply a lubricant to both the upper and lower track so that opening and closing the sliding door is effortless.
  • The Lock – When you’re lubricating the tracks of your sliding door, take a moment to lubricate the lock as well. An aerosol lubricant can be sprayed into the disassembled lock and will remove grime while lubricating the moving components of the lock.
  • The Rollers – Even if the tracks and lock of your patio sliding door are clean and lubricated, opening and closing the door may be strenuous. Check the rollers at the bottom of the door, and look for extensive wear and tear that may have caused the door to lower and rub on the track. If the rollers are in bad condition, have a remodeling contractor replace them, but if they are fairly new, lubricate them with a silicone spray.

You may be guilty of taking the sliding door that leads to your New Brunswick home’s patio for granted, but when opening and closing the door becomes difficult, you’ll realize that you aren’t cleaning and maintaining the door like you should be. Before you spend cash on a brand new sliding door, clean the tracks, rollers, and lock thoroughly, and hire a remodeling contractor to perform repairs. The full-length glass panes of sliding doors draw your attention outside, but don’t let the beauty of nature cause you to forget to clean your sliding door periodically.

The Importance of Weather Stripping

To keep cool air in your home in the summer and cool air out of your home in the winter, the weather stripping of your patio sliding door must be in good condition. Check the state of your weather stripping periodically, and look for decay and cracking. Weather stripping ensures that air is not escaping or entering your home, driving up your energy usage and costs.

Even with proper care, patio sliding doors won’t last forever. If your sliding door is difficult to open and close, and air is leaving and entering your New Brunswick home, reach out to a remodeling contractor to discuss a sliding door replacement. Trusted professionals at Markey Windows, Doors, & More, an experienced remodeling contractor, can provide you with a new high-quality sliding door.

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