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How Did Your Window Break?

When a giant crack appears on your window, it’s time to search for local Flemington replacement windows. Seeing that large break in the window is extremely frustrating. We want to get you new replacement windows, but we also want to help you prevent breaking windows in the future. Window cracks come in all shapes and sizes, so let us help you identify them so you can know what to watch out for.

Stress Cracks

Stress cracks start small on the edge of your window, but slowly grow into a large straight crack across the entire window. The stress is caused by large changes in warm and cold temperatures. Weather it’s the temperature that makes a drastic change, or you crank your heat up in 20 degree weather, these large fluctuations can cause harm to your glass. You can see this science experiment when you drop ice cubes into a warm cup of water. They’ll almost instantly crack after impacting the hot water. These large changes in insulated windows causes pressure to build and breaks the glass. To prevent this, weather is a little harder to control, but you can control your thermostat. Be sure to slowly adjust your heat and air conditioning so as not to make a drastic change for your windows. Carefully monitor how you handle the thermostat in comparison to the weather outside.

Impact Break

Believe it or not, an impact break is when an object impacts your window at a high speed, shattering the window. It will often create a star shaped pattern, starting from the center and spreading out like a firework. Depending on the size of the object, this could be a pretty obvious break. A baseball impact break will be a lot bigger than a pebble’s. An impact break can cause a lot of broken pieces of glass to scatter everywhere. While you should clean up what you can to avoid a bigger accident, be extremely cautious. Contact a professional to clean all the little pieces and to replace the window as soon as possible to keep everyone safe. To avoid this catastrophe, simply direct the baseball games in a different direction, and stop Romeo from throwing pebbles. Just encourage safety around windows and do not treat them as unbreakable objects.

Pressure Crack

Pressure cracks are much more rare, as they only occur after a large change of pressure in the weather. You could also see these in places of extremely high or low elevation as the pressure can cause it to crack. This shouldn’t be too much of a concern unless you live in or own a large apartment building or live low in a valley. If this does happen, the crack will be curvy, somewhat shaped like an hourglass. It will appear across the window and will probably require an entire window replacement. Just watch where you install your windows, and keep tabs on large changes in pressure.

Replacing A Broken Window?

Whether the window broke as a result of weather or a practicing athlete, we can help you get quality Flemington replacement windows. At Markey LLC, we’ve been replacing windows for over 30 years so we’ve seen cracks and breaks of all shapes and sizes. We’ve got all the replacement windows you need, from double-hung to bay windows. Our crew is made of a professional team that will treat your home as if it were their own. We give our clients quality windows at unbeatable prices because we care about your home’s needs. Ready to replace those broken windows? Visit our website to look at our window options, or call 800-605-4470 to talk with someone today.

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