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NJ Gutter Cleaning Services

Markey LLC specializes in NJ gutter cleaning services and gutter repair services. Your home’s gutter system is very important because it acts as your home’s frontline of defense against water and ice damage. Unfortunately, gutters often go neglected because they cannot be inspected without climbing up onto the roof. As the old saying goes – out of sight out of mind! If your gutters become damaged or are not working properly, it won’t take long for you to feel the effects in many ways. Gutter problems can cause more harm than you think, and if your gutters become worn out, you need to repair or replace them before your home acquires further damage. Keeping your gutters clean of leaves, dirt and debris can greatly increase the lifespan of your gutter system. Therefore, it is very important to keep your gutters clean by hiring a professional gutter cleaning company like Markey LLC. If you leave your gutters unattended for long periods of time, serious damage can occur. If you notice physical damage to your gutters, you should have them repaired as soon as possible. Below are some signs that you need gutter repairs.

Types of Gutter Damage

Exterior Damage

Exterior damage is usually easy to spot because, as the name implies, the damage occurs to the outside of your gutters. If you notice rust, cracks, holes or warping it is likely that your gutters are damaged and need to be repaired or replaced. If the damage is only in one or two places, a repair job may be all that is required. However, if there are more than six different damaged areas, you are better off replacing the gutter altogether. For more information about our NJ gutter repair services, contact Markey LLC today!

NJ Gutter Cleaning Services

Gutters Out of Alignment or Separated from the Roof

Sometimes weather conditions such as rain wind and ice can cause your gutters to separate from the side of your roof. If you see that your gutters are separating from your roof or separating from each other, you should get them replaced sooner rather than later!  Gutters only work correctly if they are connected to the roof and to each other. Separation from the roof can lead to the wooden boards under your shingles becoming rotten.  Don’t hesitate calling an NJ gutter service professional like Markey LLC if you notice either of these problems.

Fasteners Becoming Unfastened

The fasteners on your gutters are extremely important because they hold the gutter to the roof to keep them in the perfect spot to function correctly.  If only a few come undone, they can easily and inexpensively be replaced. However, if there area many fasteners that are undone, it could be time for a new gutter system.

Nails or Screws Coming Out

If you begin to see nails or screws on the ground surrounding your house, it is time to schedule a gutter inspection!  Your gutters are securely fastened to the fascia boards in your roof. If they become loose, the boards can become wet and damaged. This will lead to further damage.  Especially if this seems to be a repeated problem, call a professional!

Signs You Need Gutter Repair

The Gutter System is Leaking

Rocks, debris, sticks and twigs can all cause holes and leaks in your gutters. Many times these holes are not visible, but they do cause leaks. When your gutters leak during rain storms, gutter repair is a must! To repair your leaky gutters, an NJ gutter professional will use a special sealing agent to plug the leaks. Depending on the size of the leak, the contractor may also use flash metal to patch the leaks. It is important to fix the leaks before the lead to further damage such as rotting door and window frames and peeling paint.

NJ Gutter Cleaning Company

The Gutters Pull Away From the House

Gutters are attached to gutter hangers which are secured to the fascia boards at the base of your home’s roof. The gutters may sag or dip when these become unfastened and cause water to flow down the sides of the house instead of being directed away from the house. Additionally, when gutters sag, water also can pool in the centers of the gutters, making them sag even more. If you notice sagging gutters, you must call a reliable NJ gutter repair company now.

Your Downspouts Are not Functioning

If you notice large puddles of water around the base of your house after the rainstorm, your downspouts are probably not working right. This can happen if downspouts are not angled correctly or it they are disconnected from the gutter system. When the water flows back toward your home, it can cause soil erosion, damage to your foundation, basement flooding, mold and more. To avoid damage, contact a gutter repair company ASAP.

Downspouts are Loose at the Joint

On many occasions, downspouts come disconnected where they connect to the gutter system above.  This happens when the gutter system becomes full of dirt, leaves and other debris. First the debris and leaves will need to be removed. Once they are clear, the downspouts will need to be securely reattached to the upper gutters and to the side of the home.

The Best NJ Gutter Cleaning Services

For the best gutter clewaning services in the NJ area, contact Markey LLC today! For over 25 years, Markey has been in the business of cleaning fixing, installing, and gutters! Regardless of the type of gutter services you need, you can always count on Markey LLC to be there when you need them most. It is our pleasure to work for you and we guarantee your satisfaction with every project. We invite you to browse our website to learn more about the services and products that we offer. Contact us today!

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