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How to Get Creative with Your Windows

If your home needs some sprucing, you’ve probably thought of a lot different ways to decorate. Have you considered adding some decoration to your house using your windows? Whether you dress them up or use them to dress up your house, Hunterdon County windows offer a lot of potential. We have a few creative ideas of how you can make your home feel a little nicer, through the power of windows. Get ready for some decorating and installing.

Rounded Top Windows

Adding an extra rounded window to the top of your current windows can add an elegant touch. Not only does this extra window bring more light into the room, it looks amazing in any room. Who wants plain rectangles when you can add more window and value to your home. Your neighbors will love this style as it will make any home look better.

Add Some Color

Stained glass windows aren’t just for churches and museums. If you’d like, you can add a decorative window filled with colored, or stained glass to bring more color to your home. It doesn’t have to be crazy, even if it’s a small shape with a few diamonds of color. Or if you’d like, try adding a hanging prism on the inside of your window. Let the light stream through, and watch hundreds of little rainbows pour into your home. They’re beautiful and fun for your kids. If you’re looking for something simpler, this adds color without having to switch out the windows.

You could also make it colorful by changing up the window frames. Who says the window frame needs to always stay that color? You can make it bright and colorful, or a chic neutral tone. Either way, it can look the way you want it to. Make it match your home. Stand out from the block with a fresh coat of paint on the inside and outside frames of those windows.

Expand the Door 

If you have a glass door, why not expand it? Consider adding a transom or extra windows along the top or sides of your glass door. This gives your home so much more natural light, exposing the natural beauty it holds, while also making your home look even better. This will improve the quality and value of your home, while giving you a happier, sunnier environment.

Bow and Bay Windows

If you’ve never sat in a bay window, you don’t know what you’re missing. If you’d like to give your living room or bedroom a little extra space, add a bay window for added light and room. Make it into a seating area, a bookshelf, or a miniature plant sanctuary. These are a bit more of an investment, but they are definitely worth it. These types of windows are extremely sought after as they are comfortable, beautiful looking, and bright. No matter which way you look at it, more windows add more light and beauty.

Add a Flower Box 

Another great way to make your home stand out is by adding some flowers underneath your windows. Maybe you think they’re old fashioned, but in the season of spring, what could look prettier? Add a simple flower box during the season of gardening to add a smile and color to the outside of your home. You’ll see them right through the other side of your window, and enjoy the beauty of spring even closer to home.

Need New Windows?

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