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What's in Your Gutter?

You work hard to keep your home’s exterior and your landscape looking their best, but did you know all that hard work could be jeopardized by leaky or broken gutters? If you’re in need of a Middlesex County gutter cleaning or a Middlesex County gutter repair specialist we have the answer. Broken gutters can lead to water and debris dripping down the outside of your house, ending in landscape erosion or foundational flooding, or even basement flooding. A broken gutter does not just cause water to pour down the side of your house. A broken gutter can mean roof damage, too.  Proper gutter repair can save you money in the long run, and who doesn’t want that?

Damage to your landscape

Water that is gushing out of your gutters can cause ugly damage to your gardens. Plants, flowers and bushes can be displaced by fast moving water. The roots of your favorite plants can get rotted out, too, by excess water. Soil can be eroded away from gardens, too, especially if they are sloped. You may even lose small, decorative stones. Fencing posts, deck posts and wooden decorative elements can become rotted. All that hard work and investment can be protected by Middlesex County Gutter Repair.

Damage to your foundation

Gutters in good repair are designed to keep water away from your foundation. A blocked or broken gutter could allow water to collect around the foundation. This can cause rot at the foundation of your house, leading to mold, or even water entering your home. If you see water stains along the side of your house, or see water collecting where it shouldn’t along the foundation, it may be time to call Markey LLC (hyperlink) to inspect your gutters. Our professionals can take care of any gutter repair needs, and give you the best advice on how to maintain your gutters.

Damage to your basement

The very worst thing that can happen because of broken gutters is water entering your house. Water flooding into the basement or crawl space of a home can cause rot to walls and floors, unhealthy mold, and even constructional damage. This can be costly, as floors and carpets will need replacing, and any mold will have to be removed. This can be a time-consuming, and, not least, a very unpleasant experience.

What about the roof?

We’ve talked about how much damage a broken gutter can inflict by causing water to gush down the side of your house, but what about the roof? Is that safe? A broken gutter can also cause blocked, standing water at your home’s roofline. This causes rot to the wooden materials at the roofline. This rot can cause major damage. It can even cause water to seep onto ceilings, the way pooled water on the ground can seep into your basement. Also, the standing water at the roofline can be a major attraction to mosquitos. Standing water in your gutters probably means disrepair, or a clog caused by leaf and debris build-up. All this collected material, plus the weight of the water can be a real problem, and may cause the gutter to pull away from the house.

With these tips in mind, check your gutters for any problems. If you see water puddling at the base of your home, or water spilling over the top of gutters, there may be a problem. Check for any water stains down the side of your house, or excess water streaming through your garden. Don’t hesitate to get professional gutter repair help for any problems. If you see standing water or blockages in your gutters, it’s probably time for a Middlesex County Gutter Repair specialist.

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