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Did you know that drafty windows can cost you hundreds of dollars each month in heating bills this winter season? After days with 50 mile per hour winds, you can’t really afford to have the wind break into your home. If it’s really bad, you may want to consider hiring a Middlesex County replacement window contractor, but until they arrive, we have a few quick fixes for drafty windows. Before you order those replacement windows, consider these options for some immediate, quick fixes. Middlesex County Replacement Window Contractor

Identify the Problem | Middlesex County Replacement Window Contractor

Before you use one of our quick fixes, figure out where the breeze is coming from. Inspect the windows and search for where the draft is. If it’s a large break, you will obviously need more immediate help. However, if you just feel a draft from around the edges, there are a few options available. Figure out exactly where the draft is coming from by lighting a match, blowing out the flame, and watching if the smoke moves and where. You should see the draft moving the smoke.

Window Caulking

This can be applied around the trim, between the trim and frame, or near the joints of the trim. Clean the window frame and area before applying a nontoxic caulk to any gaps in the trim. This will seal up the cracks and prevent small drafts.

Weatherstripping | Middlesex County Replacement Window Contractor

Each of our window contractors applies weatherstripping during each window installation for the best weather proof results. If you don’t have weatherstripping, you can buy various materials, but most come in foam. This is applied to the edge of the window to create an air tight seal, keeping the elements out. It’s fairly inexpensive and simple to install.

Shades & Curtains

These decorative window accessories can also help prevent drafts. They will cover the window and block out the elements, adding an extra layer of insulation. You can choose the best option for your budget, and add a little flair to your home. Choose whatever color or style will best suit the room and your needs.

Draft Snakes | Middlesex County Replacement Window Contractor

If you feel the breeze coming through the base of your window, a draft snake is a good option. It’s just a cloth tube filled with rice or bean bag material. You can buy them pretty cheaply online, or even make one yourself. Simply purchase the cloth, buy some rice, and get sewing.

Plastic Film

You can seal up your window using double sided tape, plastic wrap, and a hair dryer to seal it. This makes a cheap layer of insulation for the windows and only takes a few minutes. Blowing the hair dryer on top will ensure a tightly sealed job. Again, this is only a temporary fix, but it will save you on heating bills. Bubble wrap will also work as a replacement using double sided tape to seal it.

Rigid Foam | Middlesex County Replacement Window Contractor

If you have windows in the basement you don’t need to see out of, you could consider covering the window glass with foam board. You can cut them to fit the exact size of the window to eliminate the cold. Remove the pieces when you want to see out the window, but consider hiring a window replacement contractor so you can see out of these windows draft-free sooner rather than later. If none of these DIY fixes will work, try hiring a Middlesex County replacement window contractor. At Markey LLC, we install completely weather-proof windows to help you save on heating and air conditioning while keeping your family comfortable. You should have the best windows at the best price. For more information, visit our website or call 800-605-4470 to discuss your next project today.

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