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Bow and Bay Windows

Most of the Middlesex replacement windows Markey LLC installs involve smaller windows, such as single or double-hung windows. However, if you would like to add a beautiful addition to your home, bow or bay windows are a wonderful option. As a larger project, your decision to install these windows needs careful consideration. But before you dismiss the idea, here are a few advantages to adding a bow or bay window.

What are Bow and Bay Windows?

To start, let’s specify what we mean by bow and bay windows. Bay windows have one large central window that is fixed, with a window on each side at an angle. The windows along the side are often casement or double-hung windows, which you could make stationary or operating windows to let fresh air in. Bow windows are similar, except they have four or more panels at more angles to form a beautiful arc.

Natural Light

These bow or bay windows will take up most of your wall, but they will let glorious natural light to fill the room. You want to consider which direction your window faces, so you know if the sun will become an issue, but when planned out correctly, your windows will fill the room with a warm, pleasant glow. While this will create a wonderful advantage, it could also create a disadvantage if your windows are not resistant against the solar heat. Our contractors at Markey LLC install windows to counteract the heat by adding spacing materials between the glass to keep it cool during the summer. This prevents your home from overheating.

Good Ventilation

The multiple windows you install can open at different angles to give your home a beautiful breeze in the summer time. You can feel the fresh air come into every area of the house. If you select well-made windows, while they will allow for cool breezes in the summer, they should also keep out the bad weather when necessary. Make sure you do not sacrifice comfort for this larger window. Choose a brand and company with energy efficient windows, so that large window does not become a vacuum for cool air to seep through. If not installed properly, this could become more of a con than a pro.

Markey LLC ensures that each window protects its homeowners from the weather. We use seamless frames to prevent air from coming in. We also weather strip the windows fully to protect your home from the elements, and keep your windows strong. Your home deserves to have a large glorious window, without facing exposure to harsh weather.

Make it Bigger

These windows are designed to jut out of the house, giving you some extra seat space. But because of the large windows at several angles, it also gives the illusion of your home looking even bigger. Your backyard becomes a closer part of the house, as you have a wider view of the outdoors. Usually, these windows are most popular in a living space where large amounts of people gather, but they could look good in living rooms, bedrooms, or even kitchens. These windows will give you more living space in your gathering areas, and bring extra light and warmth to any room.

Add Value to Home

This window installment is a huge investment to your home. While it can be a slightly more expensive project, it will add great value to the house, as these windows are sought after in both Victorian and modern homes. A bay or bow window is a beautiful addition to your home, adding square footage and an aesthetic appeal from both inside and outside. Future homeowners could use the space as a reading corner, for plants, or an extra seat for company. These windows can make any style of home look newer, brighter, and better!

If you decide to take on this project, you will need to select a company you can trust to give you reliable windows and a proper installation. Markey LLC wants to help you find the best Middlesex replacement windows for your large projects. We have over 20 years of satisfied customers with jobs both great and small. If you think a bay or bow window is right for you, contact our New Jersey home remodeler for more information on our selections.

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