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Window Replacement Terminology

When you started your replacement window search, did you know how many parts of a window you would have to discuss? Window contractors can ask you a hundred questions about your new windows in a language you don’t understand. When you shop for Piscataway replacement windows, you want to know what everyone’s talking about. Today, we will give you a window vocabulary lesson so you can understand your contractor and tell them how you want those windows to look.


The frame of your window consists of many pieces, including the stiles, sash, jambs, and rails. The stiles are the main vertical supports of the window frame on the right and left side, which hold the sash in place. The top and bottom part of the frame is the sash, which holds the glass in place. The jambs also form the frame and hold the sash in place as vertical pieces along each side. And finally, the rails connect the vertical stiles, run horizontally and help hold the glass in place. When deciding on what kind of frame you want, you can decide which colors and materials you would like for both the interior and exterior of the window. Markey LLC always uses frames designed without seams to prevent air flow, making your frames both energy efficient and good looking.


The muntins create the grids on your window. These piece can either separate the glass into multiple panes, snap on top of the glass, or you can insert them inside the glass. Whatever you choose depends on the type of look and functionality you want. The grid on the outside gives a more traditional look, but placing the grid in between the panes of glass work well for thermal-insulated windows.


The glazing is the glass of your window, and the glazing can be either single, double, or triple thickness. The glass of the window is the most vulnerable part when it comes to energy efficiency. Most energy efficient windows have double or triple glazing to keep air flow at a minimum. Markey LLC also places proper spacer material between the interior and exterior glass to keep the glass warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer. We ensure that our windows help you save on energy costs.


The stool is the windowsill that protrudes into the interior of your house, creating a shelf. A traditional double or single window could have a small decorative wooden sill. Garden windows are a bit bigger and protrude out to create a place for small plants on the stool. Bow and bay windows make your home look even bigger by also protruding out and replacing the windowsill with a small seat to view your beautiful yard. Your stool can give you more creative and practical options for your window.


This is the lock for your window, often attached onto the rails of the window, either where the rails meet on a double-hung window, or on the bottom rails on a casement window. Your latch will not only keep your home safe, but it will also keep out the weather when it is properly sealed and weather stripped. Weather stripping is the process of spraying foam surrounding the frame to prevent any air coming through your window. Markey LLC prides itself in seeing the weather stripping process fully completed. Some contractors can cut this process short which lessens the energy efficiency of your home, but we want you to get the most from your windows.

Now that you know a little more window terminology, you can talk to our contractors like a professional. If you’re ready to talk to our Markey LLC contractors about your needs for Piscataway replacement windows, visit our website or call today.

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