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Your home requires constant upkeep, and all homeowners are prepared to do it, but there are some aspects of home maintenance that do not always come to mind. Gutters are important to your home, though all too often, they are overlooked. They are important because they keep water flowing away from outside walls, windows, and foundations. Regular gutter care and cleaning keeps water headed where it should go, and not all over the exterior of your home. If you are experiencing signs that your gutters are clogged or in disrepair, you need a Somerset County gutter repair contractor. Keep the exterior of your home dry, and protect your foundation from potential flooding problems with regular help from a Somerset County gutter cleaning specialist. A regular schedule of gutter maintenance can save homeowners money and stress in the long run.

Do Your Gutters Need Cleaning

Gutters are designed to direct collected rainwater, or melting snow off your roof, and keep it clear of your foundation. They work hard all year to protect your home, but cannot perform well if they need to be cleaned. In spring and fall, falling leaves, moss, twigs, and even nesting materials dropped by birds can easily clog gutters. Summer rains can cause clogged gutters to flood. Pooled water at the foundation is a sign of clogged gutters. The water is not being channeled away from the foundation, so it collects there, causing multiple problems.

Puddles of water next to the foundation put too much pressure on exterior walls, potentially causing structural damage. Also, when this water does finally move away from the foundation, it could take soil with it, causing erosion and loss of plant life. Clogged gutters can also cause damage to the interior of your home. Standing water can freeze in winter, creating ice dams, which expand, then contract, seeping water inside.

Do Your Gutters Need Repair

First, the obvious signs that the gutters need repair, is physical damage. If your gutters are torn, or if you see gaps between the seams, they are in need of repair. What about the fasteners? Are your gutters secured well to your home? If they are not tightly secured, they are at risk of falling away, causing costly damage to your home. If your gutters are not at the same level, they could be pitching away from the house, and, again, at risk of pulling completely away.

Water stains on siding, or paint peeling from your home’s exterior, could be signs of water collecting in broken gutters. If the gutter is not doing its job, water can travel down the side of the home, causing damage. Gutters in disrepair can cause worse things than peeling paint, water can cause wood to rot, or mildew to form. Puddles of standing water, whether in the gutters, or in the yard, are the perfect environment for a mosquito population to make your home their home.

If you suspect that your gutters are in need of cleaning, or replacing, allow us to help. Regular inspections of your gutters can mean problems are fixed before they become bigger issues. It is never a bad time to inspect your gutters, but never a good time to overlook them. Regularly check for cracks or leaks in your gutters. Look for standing water at the roofline, an obvious sign your gutters are not working correctly, and don’t forget to check the foundation for pools of water there. If your gutters need professional attention for any reason, contact a Somerset County gutter repair contractor today.

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