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When's It Time to Replace the Windows?

How do you know when it’s time to replace your windows? Choosing new windows can be difficult, but we recommend Somerset County Okna windows for a premium window currently on sale. But before you purchase new windows, you need to know if your current windows have quit. We have a few tips for knowing when your current windows need replacing. Read on and compare with your windows to see if you should purchase new ones yet.

You Hear More Outside

A large sign that your windows are wearing out is the fact that you can hear more of the traffic, the birds, and the people outside your home. If you notice your home is a little less insulated from the outside noise, try finding where the noise is coming from. You’ll notice noise if your windows were improperly installed and sealed, or if they suffered from cracks or breaks. Noise indicates gaps somewhere in your windows, meaning they need to be fixed or replaced.

You Feel a Draft When They're Closed

If you feel the cold or warm air coming inside the room even after you’ve shut the window, something is definitely broken. If you’re unsure if the draft is only in your imagination, light a match and blow it out in front of the suspicious window. After this, watch to see if the remaining smoke blows around near your window. Whether a broken seal or worn out glass, you should replace the window as soon as possible. Your heating system will have to work two or three times harder to heat your home if it has to fight against the cold. Save on your electric bill and help the environment by not paying more for heat than necessary.

Your Window Frames are Damaged 

If your window frame has become soft, this probably means the frame has suffered water damage. You will likely see the frame start to droop and break apart if you let the moisture build. If it’s become so soft that it breaks apart and chips easily, it’s probably a lost cause. Once wood is water damaged, it’s much harder to fix rather than just replace. When moisture is allowed to build in your frame and around the window, the wood will start to rot and mold, and none of that is healthy to keep in your home, nor will it protect your house very well. If it’s already compromised, it will fail to keep the elements out for much longer.

Windows Easily Stick

If your original windows were installed improperly or received a large amount of wear and tear, your windows may start to stick. If you have a hard time opening and closing your windows, the balance has likely been thrown off. This could also indicate that the window is rotting or rusting. An immovable window is impractical to the comfort and safety of your home, so it should be replaced sooner rather than later.

Condensation Between Glass Panes 

If you see moisture build between the glass, this means that your window has been damaged. Whether it’s from a broken seal or glass, the condensation means that the insulating gas between the glass is gone and will not return. The integrity has been compromised and cannot be fixed with duct tape. Your windows will no longer work if condensation has formed, so it’s best to order replacement windows quickly.

If you’re looking for quality windows, Somerset County Okna windows are a great option. They offer a great blend of secure, energy efficient, and beautiful. Markey LLC has been supplying premium windows at great prices since 1981. Visit our website or call for more information.

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