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Sliding vs. Swinging Patio Doors

When it comes to selecting your perfect patio doors, your options include sliding doors, or swinging doors, commonly known as french doors. While most of your selection does rely on personal preference, each kind of door involves a certain set of pros and cons. Read on to learn which Somerset County patio doors will match your tastes and your home.


Your main factor when selecting doors may involve how they will match the look and decor of your house. If you enjoy a classic, traditional look, you will probably like french doors. These offer many beautiful design options as they come in decorative wooden frames. You could choose double doors or a single door, select from a variety of colors, and choose different designs for the exterior and interior. These doors allow many more creative alternatives, and will compliment an older home beautifully.

Sliding glass doors offer fewer creative options than swinging doors, but they can look great for a modern home. They come in different frame options, and allow a lot of natural light to fill a room, making your home look bigger and brighter. These doors also come with more options for shades, Markey LLC offers blinds in between the glass panes to easily provide shade. New sliding doors compliment modern homes wonderfully, and allow you to feel closer to your own backyard.


Obviously the amount of space you have around the area of your new patio door will determine which kind you select. If furniture crowds around the doorway and your patio/porch is small, you may want to consider a sliding glass door. When you have less space, a sliding door will probably be your best option. You don’t have to worry about planning your furniture around the doors, making life a little simpler.

If you have the space for it, you could choose either in-swing or out-swing doors. This does give you easier access to the backyard, as you have the option of a larger opening. If you plan on bringing large objects through your door(s), a double-door would be the most practical. You want to consider what your door’s purpose, what you will use it for and how often. While the french doors take up more space, they will give you a larger path.


Both swinging doors and sliding doors will serve their purpose of allowing you to get in and out of your house, but some may offer more convenience than others. As said before, if you need a larger opening, french doors will help, but if you want more natural light to enter the room, sliding doors will help more. Evaluate what you want most from your doors to help you decide what will work best.

Markey LLC prides itself on its energy efficient patio doors to help you save on your electric bills by having doors with the lowest air filtration ratings that exceed Energy Star ratings. Whether you choose sliding or swinging doors, rest assured that your new doors will help you cut down on energy costs.

Ready to Choose?

Only you know which doors will look best in your home, our job is to help your vision become a reality. Your Somerset County patio doors are waiting for you at Markey LLC. Most of your selection simply comes down to your personal preference, but we want to make your choice as easy as possible. We make the transition smooth so all you need to worry about is which doors you want. Markey LLC has installed beautiful patio doors for over twenty years. Visit our website or give us a call today at 908-722-8958 to tell us what you decide.