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Somerset County Roofing Repair

While you should not need Somerset County roofing repair often, it is still a necessity from time to time. You should have a professional check the area at least once a year as a few things can damage your roof. For your benefit, we have a list of a few things you should prepare for. Below you will find the top culprits of roof damage. Learn how to defend your roof one repair at a time.

Heavy Rain

When you get hit hard with a rain storm, the water can eventually seep through your roof. With enough rain storms, your roof and its shingles may become weak and susceptible to water damage. During and after the rainy seasons, check your roof and/or attic for leak damage. Water damage starting at the roof can cause even more rotting and loss to the rest of your house, so make sure you monitor this problem if it becomes one.

Harsh Sunlight

The ultra-violet light from the sun can actually shorten the life of your shingles. Too much heat and sunlight can dry out your shingles, causing them to warp or eventually break. They can shrivel, or at least reduce the shingle life significantly. Monitor your roof during a dry and hot summer. Typically a well placed tree for shade can help a little, but this leads to another cause of roof damage.

Falling Branches 

If you have too many trees near your home that are not well maintained, you are bound to find a few branches and twigs on your rooftop. Even if you do trim these trees back, all bets are off when it comes to hurricanes. Falling branches or even falling trees can become a hazard to your roof. They could do anything from causing minor scrapes, to making a dent in the roof. Excessive leaves can also cause problems if they clot the gutter, overflowing your gutters and allowing water and ice damage to take place.

Excessive Snow & Ice

After a long winter, the snow and ice can wreak havoc on your roof. If the snow built up over the winter, it could have caused your roof to sag and buckle under the constant weight. The snow and ice may have made its way inside your home to cause more water damage. Even ice dams can build where the snow melts off the roof and builds inside your gutter, causing the water and ice to leak along the side of the house without the assistance of the gutter.

Small Animals 

Woodpeckers, squirrels, or even cats can somehow find their way onto your roof. Because they’re hard to control and predict, these types of woodland creates can cause scrapes, dig holes, and throw shingles off your roof. If you believe you have a critter trespassing on your roof, hire a pest or animal control specialist to safely take care of the problem.

Crazy Wind

When the wind blows hard enough, it could knock the shingles right off your house. You may think wind can’t do that much damage to the roof, but think again. This wind can not only rip off some shingles, it can also aid the branches in creating those dents mentioned earlier. Consider having your roof checked after any major storm of wind, hail, or rain.

Need Repairs?

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