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What to Search for in South Plainfield Replacement Windows

Need your windows replaced? You have a lot to think about. You want to choose well-rounded windows that come with a well-rounded staff. As you look for South Plainfield replacement windows, we have supplied a simple guide of the main items you want to consider when choosing your windows and contractor. Happy searching!


The main function of a window is to allow light into the house and to have access to a beautiful view. However, you can make your windows more elaborate to fulfill other purposes as well. For example, if you would like a window to let fresh air in, but also keep you safe against harsh winds in the winter, you could select a casement window. These windows use a crank instead of a hinge, making them easy to open. Casement windows also seal tightly to protect your home against the harsh elements. A bay window gives you a large open view to relax and sit near, and a garden window gives you extra shelf space. Both of these windows also make your home look bigger and brighter. Decide which features you need for your windows. Do you want fresh air to come in? Do you want to make the room look bigger? Make sure you have a clear vision of the purpose for your windows.

Energy Efficiency

If not installed correctly, windows can be the most vulnerable part of your house. You need to select a window that will not allow cold or hot air to seep into your home. You waste energy when the elements make your home colder or hotter than it should be. To prevent this, you want a frame without seams, spacer materials between the interior and exterior glass to make the glass warmer or cooler as needed, and you need a proper weather stripping process. Each of these pieces make your windows, and therefore your home, more energy efficient.

Markey LLC contractors guarantee energy efficient windows and installment process. Each contractor has their factory certification, and they all know the value of giving your home energy efficient windows. You want to get the most of your window without wasting any resources.

A Reliable Contractor

Not only do you want to hire someone you can trust to work unsupervised in your home, but someone who takes pride in good work done legally and ethically. Make sure that the contractors you hire hold a license, as it is required in the state of New Jersey. Your contractors should also have a warranty to cover any mistakes or damages that may occur. However, the warranty doesn’t matter if you don’t have a reliable company who will back up their promises. You want a company who will treat their clients like family. Hire people who actually care about their work and your home more than their paycheck. If they want to make their business successful, they will want to make each customer happy. Markey LLC has thousands of satisfied customer referrals, so most of our work comes from our previous clients. Choose a contractor that has a long history of success, even when things go wrong.

Searching for South Plainfield replacement windows can be difficult if you don’t know where to look. Markey LLC can give you well-made, energy efficient windows built by trustworthy contractors. We have a record of satisfied customers for over twenty years, and we want to keep this going for the next twenty years. Let us help you find your perfect replacement by contacting us or visiting our NJ replacement window showroom to see full size displays of our products. We look forward to meeting you!

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