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Window Repair in Somerset County

Are your windows in need of repair? One good look will soon tell you all you need to know. Unlike some home repairs, such as plumbing or electrical work, old, broken and inefficient windows are pretty easy to spot. Are you feeling drafts through your windows? Is paint on frames chipped or peeling? Are there obvious cracks or dings in the panes? Maybe they don’t open as smoothly as they used to do. If you are in need of window repair in the Somerset County vicinity, let us help you. We specialize in windows of all styles, sizes and materials. A Somerset County windows specialist can help you today.

Cracked or Broken Windows

A bird flying into your window, or a badly aimed ball, can cause impact cracks. An impact crack is easy to recognize because typically, you will see the center of the impact, with cracks radiating outward in a star pattern. Even rocks kicked up by passing cars can cause impact cracks. Of course, not all cracks start from outside sources. Kids playing ball in the house? It could happen, and so could accidents resulting in broken or cracked windows. Not all cracks are impact cracks, however. Pressure cracks often result from extreme temperature and weather changes. All that heating and cooling can cause the glass to crack. Also, a sudden difference in inside temperature, like blasting the thermostat to ward off a north wind, can have a negative effect on your panes. Slamming a window shut can also result in a pressure crack, so remember to close your windows gently.

What about the Frame

Closing your windows gently may be obvious advice, but what if they won’t close? Windows that are hard to open and close are in need of repair or replacing. Over time, wooden casings may become warped, again, from temperature changes, or from damp caused by condensation. Fogging of glass is a sure sign of condensation between window panes. Cracks in the glass, broken seals, or warped frames, allow moisture to become trapped in the window. This can lead to fogged up windows, and may attract mold.  Draftiness is another tell-tale sign of a window that is in need of repair. Windows should be able to keep out the elements, including the wind. If you are finding that your heating or cooling bills are higher than usual, and a draft is obvious, it is probably time to call in a window repair specialist.

How Old Are Your Windows?

If your windows are old, and are showing signs of cracking, peeling or disrepair, we are here to assist you. Maybe it is simply a matter of aesthetics, and your windows need updating. Maybe it is a more serious problem. You should never put off calling a specialist to repair a cracked window. You never know when that crack will finally give way, making a nasty mess in your home, and endangering your family. Warped or damaged window frames can lead to condensation, which can lead to dangerous mold. Inefficient, older frames do not do their job in keeping out the elements, which can be bad news for your energy bill. Older windows do not have the same energy efficiency rating as newer windows, and disrepair can make that difference even more obvious. Northeastern storms can really take a toll on your home, and your windows are no exception. If you are in need of professional window repair in Somerset County, call us, we are ready to help you keep your home energy efficient, and safe.

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