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How Did Your Window Break?

How Did Your Window Break? When a giant crack appears on your window, it’s time to search for local Flemington replacement windows. Seeing that large break in the window is extremely frustrating. We want to get you new replacement windows, but we also want to help you prevent breaking windows in the future. Window cracks come in all shapes and sizes, so let us help you identify them so you can know what to watch out for. Stress Cracks Stress cracks start small on the edge of your window, but slowly grow into a large straight crack across the entire window.

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Middlesex County Casement Windows

Middlesex County Casement Windows When searching for the best local windows, the options can get overwhelming. You want all the details on every type of window. Why not consider Middlesex County casement windows? Casement windows come in beautiful options at an affordable price. We have all the advantages of these windows listed for you right here at your convenience. Read on for a few reasons why casement windows may be best for you. Ventilation Casement windows, unlike most, allow you to open the entire window. None of it is fixed, each part can swing out to open if you’d like. You

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How to Clean Your Windows

How to Clean Your Windows In need of Hunterdon County replacement windows, or just a window cleaning? After a while, your windows may need replacing, but until then, we have some home cleaning remedies for you. When windows aren’t cleaned, they can grow mold, and obscure the natural light shining into your home. An uncleaned window defeats the purpose of the window. To keep your home fresh and bright, here are a few ways you can clean your windows. Vinegar You’ve probably heard it before, but vinegar straight out of the bottle can do wonders for cleaning. Not only can

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How to Keep Your Gutters Clean

How to Keep Your Gutters Clean Middlesex County gutter cleaning is a necessary part of maintaining your home. If your gutters become clogged, the water will overflow and form puddles at the base of the building. This could be extremely damaging to a home with a wood foundation. The water will cause the foundation to mold and rot, and it’s much more difficult to repair the foundation of your home than to clean out some gutters. After you get Markey LLC to clean out your gutters, refer to these tips to keeping your gutters cleaner longer. Keep Checking Gutters Gutters

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5 Reasons Your Windows Need Replacing

5 Reasons Your Windows Need Replacing Have you thought about replacing your windows recently? Purchasing Middlesex County replacement windows is not something you would take lightly. Windows should last at least 20 years if you take care of them. This is not a cheap purchase, and you want to make sure the time is right. If you need some tips, read on for a few reasons why your window may need replacing. Visible Damage Obviously, the biggest giveaway that your windows need replacing involves any physically visible damage. Some scrapes or worn down weatherstripping is usually fixable, but some damage will

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Why Double Hung Windows Are Great

Why Double Hung Windows Are Great While you may be overwhelmed with options for windows, allow us to give you a classic option. When searching in Middlesex County, double hung windows could be the perfect option for you. This is our most popular window as it is a perfect blend of practical and good-looking. If you want to save yourself some of the hassle, read on for a few reasons why double hung windows will work perfectly in your home. Timeless Classic Double hung windows have stood the tests of time for over 400 years. They started in the 1600s

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Bow and Bay Windows

Bow and Bay Windows Most of the Middlesex replacement windows Markey LLC installs involve smaller windows, such as single or double-hung windows. However, if you would like to add a beautiful addition to your home, bow or bay windows are a wonderful option. As a larger project, your decision to install these windows needs careful consideration. But before you dismiss the idea, here are a few advantages to adding a bow or bay window. What are Bow and Bay Windows? To start, let’s specify what we mean by bow and bay windows. Bay windows have one large central window that

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Weatherstripping Your South Brunswick Replacement Windows

Weatherstripping Your South Brunswick Replacement Windows During this freezing and crazy weather this year, have you noticed your home is a little draftier than normal? While Markey LLC wants to provide you with all your South Brunswick replacement window needs, sometimes you don’t need your windows replaced yet, and you just need a patch job. Weatherstripping your windows can protect your home from the ice, snow, rain, and wind this winter season. What is Weatherstripping? Weatherstripping fills up any spaces surrounding your windows to keep the cold air out. This process usually uses rubber or foam material with an adhesive to

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What to Search for in South Plainfield Replacement Windows

What to Search for in South Plainfield Replacement Windows Need your windows replaced? You have a lot to think about. You want to choose well-rounded windows that come with a well-rounded staff. As you look for South Plainfield replacement windows, we have supplied a simple guide of the main items you want to consider when choosing your windows and contractor. Happy searching! Functionality The main function of a window is to allow light into the house and to have access to a beautiful view. However, you can make your windows more elaborate to fulfill other purposes as well. For example,

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Window Replacement Terminology

Window Replacement Terminology When you started your replacement window search, did you know how many parts of a window you would have to discuss? Window contractors can ask you a hundred questions about your new windows in a language you don’t understand. When you shop for Piscataway replacement windows, you want to know what everyone’s talking about. Today, we will give you a window vocabulary lesson so you can understand your contractor and tell them how you want those windows to look. Frame The frame of your window consists of many pieces, including the stiles, sash, jambs, and rails. The

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