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Window Replacement Hunterdon CountyOften times, Hunterdon County homeowners think of window replacement as an easy process that doesn’t take much consideration beforehand. However, there are many mistakes that can lead to unnecessary expenses down the road. Obviously, it is best to avoid the mistakes altogether. Finding the right company to handle the window installation is key. However, finding the best window replacement Hunterdon County company is easier said than done – especially if it is your first time dealing with window replacement. Today, we will be taking a look at some of the best tips to help you find the best company for your window replacement project.

Window Replacement Hunterdon County | Finding a Company

  • Research the type of window you want to replace: The best way of getting the right contractor is by conducting thorough research on the type of window that you want to replace beforehand. Doing your homework gives you a clear insight of how the window is supposed to be installed. Gather enough knowledge to guide you when selecting the contractor for your job. Different contractors have different levels of knowledge on how to deal with certain windows. It is easier to find the right contractor by assessing their ability in dealing with the window that you have chosen for your project.
  • Get more detailed bids: Do not get stuck with one bid for your job. Accept at least three detailed bids before making a choice. Different contractors have different details that should be consider before making a final decision. A detailed bid must include payment terms, the price for the whole project, the type of products to use, and the time frame for the project. The bids must also state whether the pricing includes materials and labor costs as well as warranty/repair should something go wrong.
  • Verify the warranty: Peruse the warranty and understand its details well in case something happens after installation. A standard window warranty is usually about ten years, but what exactly does it cover? Additionally, a reputable contractor will give a workmanship warranty covering at least two years.
  • Check and verify the references: It is imperative to verify both the contractor’s and manufacturer’s references before using their services and products respectively. Verify the time they have been in operation and ask for photos of their previous assignments. You will also want to ask for references of their past clients and find out any complaints files against the company. Getting such information helps to know how the company handles window replacement and if they fulfill their part of the bargain. It is advisable also to inquire about the service of the company from your friends and neighbors who know the company. Ensure that the installers have been trained by the company and are specialized in window replacement Hunterdon County and not other jobs.
  • Check the contractor’s license: Before starting the window replacement project, you must check with the relevant housing authorities to know if they require a contractor to have a permit or a license. There are authorities that restrict unregistered window replacement contractors from working on any project. If that is the case, check the contractor’s license to see if there is any complaint against the company.

Window Replacement Hunterdon County | Looking For The Best?

If you are looking for the best company to handle your Hunterdon County window replacement, look no further than Markey LLC. For decades, Markey LLC has been providing outstanding window replacement in Hunterdon County. Markey is proud of their work and they prioritize integrity and work ethic. If you would like more information about Markey’s products or services you can contact them today or visit the showroom for a full size displays of our products. All Markey LLC employees are factory certified and we never use subcontractors. Contact them today!

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